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LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT & Team Effectiveness Coaching

a guided, creative, holistic approach of exploration and discovery in every engagement, that will bring out the very best and outstanding outcomes for you, your Business, company and Organization .


Together we will thrive.  

As your coach, I'm ready to help you, your team,  your business, organization and company. In this co-creative collaborative partnership, you will have an opportunity to create a holistic leadership development framework with results that are attainable, measurable, and specific which will have a lasting impact in your professional business and personal life work.

My goal as an executive coach is to increase the client's sense of independence, personal control, and fulfillment.  I work on an assumption, supported by experience, that we carry within us the means to enhance our own effectiveness and joy.

Through this partnership, we will manage the progress of self-accountability and as your coach, it’s my role to hold attention to what is important for you, to leave the responsibility with you to take action, and to help and accompany you on your journey.  Your leadership development will be strategic and will encompass all areas of professional and personal growth, that are important to you, your business, organization's  mission, vision, culture and core values.

Growing as a leader requires attention, reflection, feedback and learning new growth-filled mindsets and approaches that will fulfill your professional and personal purpose. 

Will's  holistic positive inquiry approach to leadership brings out the best in everyone.  This revolutionary approach brings individuals together, drives companies forward and takes your leadership skills to a whole new level.

  • Inquiry: Leading with positively powerful questions.
  • Illumination:  Bringing out the best in people, businesses, organizations and situations.
  • Inclusion:  Engaging with others to co-create the future.
  • Inspiration:  Awakening the creative spirit.
  • Integrity:  Making choices for the good of the whole.
  • Shifting from “blaming and fixing” to “inspiring and progressing”
  • Engaging innate leadership at all levels of the organization
  • Recognizing the opportunities within problems
  • Integrating appreciative inquiry and leadership

Will Wiebe Coach

THRIVE.  Meet the Principal and Owner Will Wiebe

International executive, organizational, leadership coach, who is grounded in his intuitive gift for guiding and facilitating a holistic systems approach to leadership development and team effectiveness.  As a professional leadership coach, transformational speaker, professional appreciative inquiry facilitator and trainer, Will Wiebe provides a co-creative collaborative partnership for renewal of self-worth, accountability and strategies for growing strengths based teams with the integration of appreciative inquiry and leadership principles. Will is passionate about building a collaborative and compassionate approach to coaching, and developing a powerful alliance with individuals, teams and businesses. 

Results that create a culture of transformation, re-imagination, inspiration and illuminate powerful positive change

We will design, a co-creative collaborative partnership in which you can expect to experience the following benefits: 

Improved leadership capacity

Increase self esteem

Growth performance to transform learning

Positive relations, strong teams, and innovation

Strengthening and infusing interpersonal skill development 

Creating a culture of inspiration and re-imagination


People Are Giving Witness To The Power Of Leadership Development & Team Effectiveness Coaching

When I reached out to Will Wiebe, I was searching for answers to my path forward in life.   I had checked a bunch of boxes personally and professionally, but I wasn't fulfilled, and I was stuck with regard to what to do about it.  Will provided me with the tools I needed to find my way through the fog to my own clarity of purpose in how I was filling my days and how I was thinking about my past, present and future.  Will is an amazing listener and guide.  He met me where I was, and how he tailored our work together to meet my individual goals and needs.  On top of that, Will is a kind, gentle soul that brings calm to the room and provides the space to be present and mindful in every conversation.  This is his true magic. - Mike Payne, Director - Internet of Things Experience, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corporation.


As the D1C Site Supervisor Sabre, LAT, Coronus, GxT/IGAT, Lam Research, Hillsboro, Oregon, I've been working with Professional Leadership Coach, Will Wiebe.  Through his vision and leadership development processes, I have integrated life coaching, leadership training and created strength based teams.  Will's professional leadership coaching has been invaluable to the leadership direction and morale of the teams at Lam Research- Hillsboro, Oregon.  Will has guided me to identify core issues that have stood in the way of my business success and assisted me in developing techniques for working around or through these issues.  As someone who has gone through substantial change in my professional career, I count on leadership and life coaching to ensure that this transition continues to go smoothly.  The integration of crucial conversations, appreciative inquiry techniques and understanding of interpersonal relationships has broken down many customer barriers.  Will's style of professional leadership coaching and building up teams has helped and changed many of the teams here at Lam Research, Hillsboro, OregonPeter Redfield Becker, Jr., Site Supervisor at Lam Research, Hillsboro, Oregon.


Will has been a tremendous positive force in my professional and personal development at Lam Research, Hillsboro, Oregon.  Will's professional coaching, leadership and mentorship has been instrumental during a critical time in my life and the guiding light I needed to help bridge my transitional period from being a Lam Research Field Service Engineer to taking a position as the Vecto/Sola/Excel - Lam Research Field Service Supervisor, Hillsboro, Oregon.  Will's gift lies far beyond the surface of being a professional executive leadership coach, but as an experienced leader who helps develop individuals in achieving their goals and teaches the craft needed to identity and continually improve personal strengths, leadership and communication.  Will Wiebe is a great listener and an awesome solution focused coach, who is able to adapt and coach in many challenging scenarios and guides individuals to tap into their creative potential and transform it into positive power.  In our time together, I'm very pleased and appreciative of the experience I've had with Will.   Thank you Will for being there when you were needed most. - Steve Lum, Field Service Supervisor - Vecto/Sola/Excel at Lam Research, Hillsboro, Oregon.


I'm so thankful to have worked with Will.  He is a generous and talented leadership coach who kept me accountable and motivated during a challenging time. The experience was extremely insightful and helped me regain focus on my professional goals and development. I have learned so much from Will. - Chelsea Wieber - Grant Manager, Investment Fund at Nike Foundation.


I worked with Will to help me discern and commit to a career path at a critical juncture.  Will's assessment tools, resource references, creative questions and intuitive listening approach helped break new ground in the way I approach and reflect upon my work, family and personal path.  Importantly, Will was available throughout the process to help untangle knots that inevitably arose at tough decision junctures, and present to celebrate the major achievements that he had helped to spark.  My "investment" in Will as an executive coach has paid itself back multifold, not only financially but in the deepening meaning I have discovered in my work and family life. - Sophia Tzeng, Principal Consultant at Asceta, LLC


Will is a highly effective and experienced leadership coach.  The authenticity that he brings to the coaching relationship sets the coaching bar high.  Will truly "Walks the Talk." Will's personable approach to coaching helps create a peaceful and creative atmosphere for a truly soul provoking coaching experience.  - Michelle Rios, Senior Vice President at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.


Thank you so much for coaching me this past quarter.  Your leadership coaching sessions have formed one of the best moments of my life.  They have been transformational for me personally in several ways.  I'm able to handle more difficult situations at work more easily, and with less effort and time.  I'm able to channel the human emotions involved in difficult situations into something more positive.  I'm able to handle conflicts in a much better way with my partners at work, thanks to the tools you shared with me in reframing conflicts.   You've shown me some lifelong tools for carrying on difficult conversations, along with tools to get on top of my own emotions.  In general, I've become better at expressing myself more fully, which has led me to be more happy and peaceful with myself, like never before in my life.

I've been so fortunate to have had your presence as a guiding light in my life.  I will hold the tools and advice you have given me life long.  Thank you for being such an amazing Leadership Coach. - P.E. -  Facebook.


The discipline and self-reflection from my leadership coaching experience has given me new tools and insights to use in all aspects of my life.  I will continue to integrate these into my way of thinking and responding to daily challenges, and to discipline my mind to transform every challenge, disappointment and setback as an opportunity for growth.  I'm becoming a person who is more attuned to my own strengths and needs.  I'm also developing other dimensions of my being that need expression and growth.  I will continue to integrate my strengths in my work and personal life so that I can regularly draw on them to more fully realize my potential.  I see myself satisfied and energized by using my talents to make valuable contributions in my work and to nurture the other dimensions to my being.  I see myself thriving in a professional role that lets my strengths shine, with positive and collaborative work relationships that are built on positive inquiry, trust and appreciation.- J.B. - Facebook.


Working with Will was a wonderful and inspirational experience.  Will is insightful, a great listener and an excellent motivator.  He highlights the coachee's success stories in order to always reinforce a positive outlook.  The leadership coaching program assisted me with my professional and personal development.  I'm now armed with a clear vision about the type of positions and careers that I want to pursue. - Nicoletta George, MBA - Vice President, Product Line Manager - Excess Casualty.


Connect with Will Wiebe, Principal and Owner - Portland, Oregon

I look forward to hearing from you!  Ask a question, share your thoughts with regards to my services.  If you would like to talk to me or schedule a conversation, you can call me directly at (503.467.1812 (cell).

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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eye’s
— Marcel Proust
The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths, making our systems’ weaknesses irrelevant
— Peter Drucker, The Father of Modern Management